CrossFit Lite Are you looking to kick start your fitness journey but don't know where to start??

Crossfit LITE was designed with the beginner in mind and there is no need to have any sort of fitness or prior gym experiences. The classes are high energy, circuit-style conditioning workouts without the use of barbells or high skill gymnastics movements. The primary focus is on conditioning through running and rowing, along with the use of kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, and bodyweight movements. CrossFit Lite classes are great for 🔸ī¸ weight-loss 🔹ī¸experienced athletes wanting extra conditioning 🔸ī¸ as a ramp-up into our CrossFit classes.

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Classes are run Mon and Wednesday 5.15pm Tues and Fri 6am

These classes are on our limited membership @ $25 a weekđŸ”Ĩ

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